Contract manufacturing


Providing contract manufacturing services is one of our main activity since 1995. We are specialized in producing technologically demanding solid dosage forms such as tablets, film coated tablets, effervescent tablets, sugar coated tablets, capsules and powders.

Therefore, we offer to our clients the following services:

  • Powder compounding
  • Wet and dry granulation
  • Direct compression tabletting
  • Film coating
  • Sugar coating
  • Effervescent tablets manufacturing
  • Primary packaging in soft and hard blisters, sachets and tubes

Thanks to our professional development team and highly trained staff, we are able to answer the most complex customer requirements in a very short time.

Request for contract manufacturing (please mark all the necessary questions (*))

1) Preferred pharmaceutical form*
TabletsFilm tabletsSugar coated tabletsEffervescent tabletsPowder

2) Active ingredients composition*

3) Is there already an existing formulation?*

4) Primary packaging*
Soft blisterHard blisterBottleTubeSachetCan

5) Secundary packaging design and print*
On youOn us

6) Preferred amount*

7) Company name or first and last name (for personals)*

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