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What is Eko-K+?

Eko-K + is a dietary supplement that compensates secreted potassium from the body, which contributes to the proper functioning of nervous, cardiac, and muscle tissue, preventing the occurrence of muscle cramps.
Each tablet contains 1 g of potassium-chloride salt, which is equivalent to 500 mg of potassium ions.
Potassium is a mineral widely present in our body. It carries a positive charge and it is the most common cation (positive ion) within the cells. In addition to that, potassium participates in the forming of electrical impulses in human cells and it belongs to the important group of electrolytes such as sodium, calcium, magnesium, chloride, phosphate and bicarbonate ions. Along with other cations, potassium influences the activity of all tissues, providing nerve conduction, muscle contraction, heart rate, blood volume regulation, and renal function. Beside all this, potassium has a very important role in protein and carbohydrate synthesis, as well as acid-base balance.

When should we use Eko-K+?

Eko-K + should be used, in cases of increased potassium excretion.

Potassium is mostly excreted by urine from the body, and moderately by sweating through the skin. If the kidneys are healthy, they will maintain equilibrium concentration of potassium. However, the use of certain drugs such as diuretics that expel excess fluid from the body, frequent vomiting and diarrhea, as well as working in high ambient temperatures, may lead to an increased loss of potassium and consequently, hypokalemia – a decreased amount of potassium in the blood.
Mild hypokalemia is often asymptomatic and usually remains undetected. The first visible sign of potassium deficiency is the appearance of muscle cramps and numbness followed by a feeling of fatigue. Further loss of potassium is followed by symptoms such as muscle paralysis, which leads to impaired function of three key tissues – nervous, muscle and heart. If not treated on time, hypokalemia can have a life-threatening outcome.

To whom is Eko-K+ recommended?

Eko-K + is designed for people whose loss of potassium exceeds its food intake. These conditions include increased potassium excretion during prolonged vomiting, persistent diarrhea, increased intake of alcohol, or intense sweating caused by hard work, excessive sports training, as well as high atmosphere temperature in working space or climatic conditions.

The most frequent loss of potassium, however, occurs due to the application of diuretics – drugs used to treat high blood pressure. Certain members of this major drug group contribute to an increased potassium excretion in addition to excess fluid removal. Therefore, people that consume diuretics that do not spare potassium are recommend to use Eko-K +  tablets in order to compensate this important mineral.

What are the advantages of using Eko-K+ tablets?

The main advantage of using Eko-K + is its solid pharmaceutical form – tablet. Tablets are consumed with sufficient quantity of fluid, and they mask potassium-chloride bitter taste to a large extent, making it comfortable to drink. Thanks to its unique formulation Eko-K+ dissolves rapidly in stomach, minimizing the risk of local mucosal irritation after application.

How is Eko-K+ used?

1 tablet a day with plenty of fluids.
Tablets should be taken according to individual needs.
If used with medication, a doctor should be consulted.

Where is Eko-K+ available?

Eko-K+ is available in all better supplied pharmacies in Serbia, as well as Montenegro.
The package contains 24 tablets.
* Number and date of extended registration in the Ministry of Health database – 1108/2016 from August 17, 2016.


Composition 1 tablet/daily dose % RDA*/day 100 g
Potassium (as KCl) 500 mg 25 50 g

inactive ingredients: anti-caking agent SiO2 and magnesium stearate
* RDA – recommended dietary allowance

Nutritional value 1 tablet 100 g
energy value 0,6 kJ (0,13 kcal) 57 kJ (13,5 kcal)
carbohydrates 0 g  0 g
proteins 0 g 0 g
fats 0,01 g 1,5 g

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