Sweetener 150

sweetener 9g

What is Sweetener 150?

Sweetener 150 is a table top sweetener that contain a mixture of two artificial sweeteners – saccharin and cyclamate. Saccharin is about 300 times sweeter than sugar(sucrose) and has no nutritional value. Cyclamate is sweeter than sugar(sucrose) about 30 times, also with no nutritional value. Used together in a suitable ratio, they mimic the taste of sugar, leaving no unpleasant aftertaste. One tablet equals the sweetness of one teaspoon of sugar.

To whom is Sweetener 150 recommended?

Sweetener 150 is recommended for people who avoid sugar in their diet, especially to patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus and those on weight reduction diets.

When should Sweetener 150 be used?

Sweetener 150 tablets are used to sweeten all kinds of food and beverages.

Sweetener 150 dosage

According to WHO recommendations, it is safe to take up to 22 tablets of Sweetener per day.

150 tablets / 9 g

Composition 1 tablet 100 g
Cyclamate (as sodium cyclamate) 31,2 mg 52 g
Saccharin (as sodium saccharinate) 3,1 mg 5,16 g

inactive ingredients: starch, sodium bicarbonate, tartaric acid, anti-caking agent magnesium stearate

Nutritional value 1 tablet 100 g
energy value 0.3 kJ (0,08 kcal) 550 kJ (131 kcal)
carbohydrates 0,00 g 17,10 g
proteins 0,00 g 0,00 g
fats 0,00 g 1,00 g

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