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Choose domestic over imported

Eko Farm LLC. is a private pharmaceutical company, which has been operating successfully for 21 years, guided by one idea – to create a high quality and effective dietary product at most accessible prices for our customers. We are engaged in the production and distribution of dietary supplements and table top sweeteners made exclusively by our own formulations and methodology, which makes us particularly proud.

Beside good price and high quality, we stand out in the market by the fact that we are Serbian pharmaceutical company engaged in all stages of production, taking place only in Serbia. This means that starting from the entry of all the raw materials to the final product release, we fully control the entire production process. Thanks to that, and only that way, we can ensure the quality, efficiency and safety of our products. On the other hand, what is more important, we can guarantee the origin of any substance that enters the final product composition. For example, by consuming our dietary supplements, you will be sure you are not getting genetically modified substances (GMO) that may have adverse effects on your health. You will also know that the propolis extract used in our Propolis C-100 tablets is obtained from raw propolis collected from the territory of the Homolje mountains. We provide you with that information. It is up to you to make a choice.

Solid pharamaceutical dosage forms as our endless challenge

We are highly specialized for the production of solid pharmaceutical dosage forms such as:

  • tablets
  • film coated tablets
  • effervescent tablets
  • sugar coated tablets
  • powders

You might be wondering why these forms? The answer is simple – because they are technologically most demanding. Pharmaceutical technology is the field that we have chosen to do, mainly because of the love and passion that we all share for this profession. You must agree that one of the best ways to maintain that passion is to constantly set new challenges? Precisely because of these challenges, we exist for so long.

Small product line, but well selected

Our product portfolio includes immune system boosting supplements for adults and children, iron and potassium deficiency supplements, B complex vitamins, oral antiseptics based on propolis and sage essential oil, and table top sweeteners. Our best-known brands, which are widespread on both Serbian, and regional markets, are Ekosept, Propolis C-100 “with The Bee“, and Vitamin C-500. All of our products are categorized in the Department of Bromatology, Faculty of Pharmacy in Belgrade, and are registered in the Republic of Serbia Ministry of Health dietary supplements database. You can find them by their unique number, simply clicking on the following link

Contract manufacturing under best conditions

In addition to our own product line, we are successfully providing contract manufacturing services.

We offer our clients the following services:

  • powder compounding
  • wet and dry granulation
  • direct compression tableting
  • film coating
  • sugar coating
  • effervescent tablets production
  • primary packaging into soft and hard blisters, sachets and tubes

Thanks to our professional development team and highly motivated staff, who will be happy to meet all your needs, we are able to answer the most complex customer requirements in a very short time. And when we say “a very short time”, we mean it. Wondering how? The answer is – flexibility.

Your can send us a request for contract manufacturing from now on, by simply filling out the form on our website, which will help us to communicate more efficiently, and fully understand your wishes. Just tell us your ideas, realization is up to us.

When needed, we are here to advice

Furthermore, we offer our clients intellectual services in the field of pharmaceutical technology, including designing new and adjusting existing formulations of dietary supplements. Understanding our clients’ needs and bringing their ideas to life is our business imperative. Special benefits are given to clients interested in contract manufacturing within our company.

Certificates say a lot about us

In order to continuously improve the quality of our final products, we have successfully implemented Quality Management System and Food Safety Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005 standards. Those requirements apply to the whole production flow, starting from procurement of high quality raw materials, packaging and other commodities, to the delivery of the final products to the end users.

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