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Dietary supplements are rich sources of vitamins, minerals, and other substances with a nutritional effect, which are used as a supplement to a healthy diet. Their use is becoming more common in most parts of the world, largely due to the modern lifestyle followed by bad eating habits. If used correctly, they have positive effect on the body. However, it does not mean they should replace a well-balanced diet. On the contrary, they should complement it, and make it even better.

A large number of dietary supplements are daily represented on Serbian market. They differ in composition, pharmaceutical dosage form (tablets, sachets of powder, capsules, etc.), manufacturer, but also in efficiency, price, and quality.

What sets our dietary supplements apart from others is:

· Efficiency

· Easy application

· Broad target group – all supplements are suitable for children

· Exceptional quality/price ratio

· 21 years of tradition

· Domestic origin – supplements are 100% manufactured in Serbia

For those who did not use them before, they can be found in all pharmacies throughout Serbia, along with the countries in the region – in case you are on vacation or business trip. All of our products are categorized as dietary supplements in the Department of Bromatology of the Faculty of Pharmacy in Belgrade and registered in the Republic of Serbia Ministry of Health database, which proves their quality. We are particularly proud of the “spoken guarantee” of a large number of satisfied customers, which are happy to return to them.

vitamin-cVitamin C-500 is a dietary supplement based on vitamin C, which is essential for improving vitality of our body and it’s natural defense mechanisms. Without sufficient amount of this vitamin many physiological functions, such as growth and development, or antioxidant defense, would simply not be possible. It is an essential nutrient, which means that it cannot be synthesized by the body, therefore, it must be provided continuously through a healthy diet and dietary supplements, when necessary.

Eko B-BitEko B-Vit is a dietary supplement in the form of film coated tablets, that contain all eight essential B complex vitamins. You may wonder why all eight? Because, thanks to the synergistic effect, only in this exact composition these vitamins may achieve their full effect, which is participating in a number of metabolic processes, which helps create energy for the functioning of all tissues from ingested food.



Change of seasons is an ideal time to catch a respiratory, or any other infection due to low immune function. Therefore, we should not wait for symptoms of cold and illness to appear, but think about the ways to prevent them, and to maintain health. A completely natural resinous substance, which is collected only by the selected worker bees, and whose beneficial effects have been used for thousands of years, can help us greatly. Maybe you have already guessed – it’s the bee propolis.

ekoseptEkosept is a dietary supplement based on sage and peppermint essential oils in the form of refreshingly sour tablets.
Sage essential oil soothes irritation of the mouth, throat and vocal cords. It is obtained from the dried leaves of Salvia officinalis, commonly known as common or garden sage. The name of the plant derives from the Latin word “salvare”, which means to treat, cure, save, and testifies to the long history of its medical use in human population. Carriers of the antimicrobial activity of sage essential oil are α-thujone, camphor, and 1,8-cineole.

Eko-K+Eko-K+ is a dietary supplement that compensates secreted potassium from the body, which contributes to the proper functioning of nervous, cardiac, and muscle tissue, preventing the occurrence of muscle cramps.Each tablet contains 1 g of potassium-chloride salt, which is equivalent to 500 mg of potassium ions.

Eko-C-vit-juniorEko C-Vit junior is a dietary supplement based on vitamin C, that is recommended for preschool, and school-age children. It contains the recommended vitamin C dose of 50 mg, which meets the children’s daily needs for this vitamin. Tablets are coated with sugar, and 100% natural orange flavor, which makes them easily acceptable for the kids – even for those with the most demanding taste.

Eko-Fe++Fatigue, exhaustion, apathy, shortness of breath, impaired immunity are all difficulties of modern life that we experience more often. We attribute them to the urban, fast lifestyle, excessive work duties, nervous tension, irregular diet, and spending time indoors, not knowing that they often have quite another cause – the lack of iron in the body.

propolis-c-100-bez-seceraPropolis C-100 without sugar is a dietary supplement based on propolis extract of high biological value and vitamin C, which contribute to normal function of the immune system. Propolis is a natural mixture of resinous substances, which is collected by honey bees (Apis mellifera) from different plant sources such as buds, leaves, and plant sap, and mixed with beeswax and other secretions. It is of great importance for bees, because it protects the hive from bacterial, viral and fungal infections, due to its antimicrobial activity.

ekosept-bez-seceraEkosept without sugar is a dietary supplement based on sage and peppermint essential oils in the form of refreshingly sour tablets with low nutritional value. Their use is recommended to broad age group. Active ingredient in Ekosept without sugar tablets represents a combination of essential oils isolated from two plants from our regions – sage, and peppermint. Their centuries-old successful use in the treatment of respiratory tract infections determined us to use their healing power in the form of orally dissolving tablets.

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