Fatigue, exhaustion, apathy, shortness of breath, impaired immunity are all difficulties of modern life that we experience more often. We attribute them to the urban, fast lifestyle, excessive work duties, nervous tension, irregular diet, and spending time indoors, not knowing that they often have quite another cause – the lack of iron in the body.
Research shows that there are more and more anemic people every year in the world, which makes anemia one of the main growing global health problems. Explanations for this vary, but some of the most important are insufficient food intake, increased loss from the body, and incomplete absorption in the intestinal tract. Foods rich in iron such as liver, fish and leafy vegetables are not often enough on the everyday menu, which particularly affects children and adolescents during the intense growth and development phase, pregnant women and nursing mothers, as well as the elderly.

Therefore it is necessary to further enrich the regular, well-balanced diet with iron, using dietary supplements based on this mineral.

What is Eko-Fe++?

Eko-Fe ++ is a dietary supplement in the form of film tablets containing organically bound ferrous iron in the form of gluconate, whose main advantage is excellent resorption in the body. This is very important because by using Eko-Fe ++ film tablets positive effects on plasma iron levels are visible after several weeks, and depleted iron stores are filled in the long run during 2-3 months of use. In addition to iron, Eko-Fe ++ film tablets are enriched with folic acid and vitamin C, which both contribute to the rate of iron absorption. All three active ingredients have significant role in human body, and their optimal ratio in a film tablet allows them to act as an inseparable functional unit, providing the necessary elements for the creation and functioning of red blood cells.

Iron is a mineral essential for the synthesis of hemoglobin of the red blood cells, whose main task is to transfer oxygen from the lungs to all the tissues. In addition to hemoglobin, iron is largely located in myoglobin, which is the depository of oxygen required for the working muscles. It is also a significant component of many enzymes involved in the process of using the oxygen in the cells, and converting blood sugar into energy. Iron is lost from the body on a daily basis, especially via perspiration, urine excretion, faeces, intestinal and skin cells replacement, as well as gastrointestinal bleeding. That is why, despite the existence of iron deposition in liver, spleen and other organs, it is necessary to further enrich the regular diet with iron.

Folic acid is a B vitamin, which main role is to help enzymes which are involved in many metabolic processes in the organism. It is necessary for the formation of erythrocytes in the bone marrow and the development of the whole nervous tissue. Daily intake of folic acid depends on sex and age, and it is especially increased during the intensive growth of children and adolescents, before and during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as in patients with chronic diseases.

Vitamin C plays an important role in the metabolism of iron and folic acid. It positively affects iron intestinal absorption, which makes it an essential ingredient in iron dietary supplements. In addition to this, vitamin C has a tonic effect, and increases the organism’s natural resistance.

Eko-Fe ++ film tablets are recommended as a dietary supplement, in all conditions that require iron. They are often accompanied by a feeling of fatigue and exhaustion, increased irritability, apathy, lack of air, a weakened immune system, and can negatively affect the entire course of life.

Population groups with higher risk of developing iron deficiency are:

  • Women with heavy menstrual bleeding
  • Pregnant women and nursing mothers
  • Babies and young children
  • Teenage girls
  • Women using oral contraceptives
  • Patients with colon cancer, celiac disease, ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease
  • People suffering from peptic ulcer disease, hemorrhoids or hormonal origin bleeding
  • Patients after gastrointestinal surgery
  • Regular blood donors
  • Patients with chronic heart failure
  • Vegetarians and vegans
  • Children and adolescents in the economically insecure households
  • People with poor eating habits
  • Professional athletes

What are the advantages of using Eko-Fe ++ film tablets?

  • Eko-Fe ++ film tablets contain divalent organically bounded iron in the form of gluconate, which enables extremely high absorption. In this way a reliable efficacy of the product is ensured with the use of lower doses, avoiding the iron overload with excessive amounts of this mineral.
  • Eko-Fe ++ contains folic acid and vitamin C, that contribute to the iron absorption, and thus the efficiency of the dietary supplement. Additional intake from other sources is not necessary.
  • The first positive effects of using Eko-Fe ++ film tablets are visible after few weeks as a subjective feeling (no fatigue, shortness of breath), followed by an increase of iron plasma levels. For long-term iron depot filling it is advised to use the product for 2-3 months continuously, under doctor’s supervision.
  • Thanks to its excellent tolerability, Eko-Fe ++ film tablets can be consumed on an empty stomach without fear that it will cause nausea or stomach pain. Constipation and other unpleasant gastrointestinal effects that often accompany the use of oral iron supplements have not been reported for more than 10 years, as a result of an optimal formulation of the product, and patented technology.
  • Eko-Fe ++ does not damage the tooth enamel, nor colors the teeth, and leaves no metallic taste in mouth, thanks to a special film used for coating. All this greatly facilitates the application.
  • Eko-Fe ++ film tablets are recommended for all ages. They can be used by children older than 4 years of age, adolescents, adults and the elderly. Film tablets are small in diameter, which allows easy swallowing.

To whom is Eko-Fe++ recommended?

Eko-Fe ++ film tablets are recommended as a dietary supplement to all people whose diet do not provide enough iron, or have an increased need for this mineral. This particularly includes children and adolescents in the rapid growth and development phase, women of childbearing age, pregnant women, nursing mothers, and the elderly, that have impaired iron absorption. Eko-Fe ++ film tablets are recommended to anemic individuals with incomplete iron absorption from the digestive tract, people with frequent blood loss (hormonally caused bleeding, ulcer disease, hemorrhoids), and patients treated with certain drugs (certain groups of analgesics and contraceptives, sulfonamides).

How is Eko-Fe++ used?

Children over 4 years, adolescents, adults and the elderly: 1 tablet per day.
Pregnant and lactating women: up to 3 tablets a day, under doctor’s supervision.
People who lack iron in the body: up to 3 tablets a day, as recommended by your doctor.

Tablets should be taken in the morning with a glass of water, half an hour before breakfast. People with sensitive digestive tract should take the tablets during or immediately after a meal.

Product is suitable for a gluten-free diet.

Where is Eko-Fe++ available?

Eko-Fe ++ film tablets are available in all better supplied pharmacies in Serbia.

The package contains 40 film coated tablets.

Number and date of extended registration in the Ministry of Health database – 1644/2016 from October 21, 2016.

Composition 1 film tablet %RDA 100 g
Iron (ferrous(II)-gluconate) 10 mg 71,4 5 g
Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) 40 mg 50 20 g
Folic acid 75 mg 37,5 37,5 mg

* RDA – recommended dietary allowance

Nutritional values 1 tablet 100 g
energy value 2,73 kJ (0,65 kcal) 1365 kJ (325 kcal)
carbohydrates 0,184g 92 g
proteins < 0,002g 0,7 g
fat 0,003g 1,6 g

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