Ekosept without sugar

eko sept bez secera

What is Ekosept without sugar?

Ekosept without sugar is a dietary supplement based on sage and peppermint essential oils in the form of refreshingly sour tablets with low nutritional value. Their use is recommended to broad age group.

Active ingredient in Ekosept without sugar tablets represents a combination of essential oils isolated from two plants from our regions – sage, and peppermint. Their centuries-old successful use in the treatment of respiratory tract infections determined us to use their healing power in the form of orally dissolving tablets. We decided to use essential oils instead of herbal extracts because they contain concentrated carriers of antimicrobial activity, which we need in the fight against infections.

Sage essential oil soothes irritation of the mouth, throat and vocal cords. It is obtained from the dried leaves of Salvia officinalis, commonly known as common or garden sage. The name of the plant derives from the Latin word “salvare“, which means to treat, cure, save, and testifies to the long history of its medical use in human population. Carriers of the antimicrobial activity of sage essential oil are α-thujone, camphor, and 1,8-cineole. All three have been shown to be much more effective in treating respiratory infections caused by Gram-positive bacteria of the Streptococcus family.

Peppermint essential oil contributes to normal digestion and immunity. In addition, it has positive impact on the symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections (URTI), such as cough or sore throat. It is obtained from peppermint plant (Mentha piperita), and like sage oil, it has a great importance in therapy. The main ingredient of the peppermint essential oil is menthol, which stimulates the pleasant cooling effect on the mucous membranes of the mouth, and has strong antibacterial effect.

Ekosept without sugar contains sage and peppermint essential oils isolated from plants collected in our region, to which our body is fully adapted, and is familiar with. Their optimally balanced ratio contributes to the achievement of maximum therapeutic effect. Natural color chlorophyll contributes to the natural composition of the product, providing distinctive green color, as well as proven antioxidant activity.

When should we use Ekosept without sugar?

Ekosept without sugar can be used daily for disinfecting, deodorizing and pleasant cooling of the mouth, throat and gums. Regular use of Ekosept without sugar contributes to the regulation of bacterial flora of the mouth, and strengthens the mucous membranes of mouth and gums.

Ekosept without sugar is especially recommended for use:

  • in the course of infection of the upper respiratory tract (tonsils, throat, and vocal cords)
  • in the course of infection of mucous membranes of the mouth and gums (gingivitis, stomatitis, mouth ulcers)
  • in case of irritation caused by wearing the orthodontic appliance or dental prosthesis
  • for the regulation of bacterial flora and breath refreshment, especially for smokers

To whom is Ekosept without sugar recommended?

Ekosept without sugar can be used by children older than 3 years of age, adults and the elderly. It is especially recommended for people prone to frequent inflammation of the throat and gums, upper respiratory tract infections, smokers, chronic patients, as well as people with chronic bad breath. Thanks to reduced nutritional value, Ekosept without sugar is recommended for diabetics, people on weight-reduction diets, pregnant women and children and adolescents during growth of permanent teeth.

How is Ekosept without sugar used?

Adults: 4 – 6 tablets a day.

Children older than 3 years: 2 – 3 tablets per day.

Tablets should be slowly dissolved in mouth. Do not eat or drink while dissolving tablet, and for the next half an hour after it is dissolved.

Where is Ekosept without sugar available?

Ekosept without sugar is available in all better supplied pharmacies in Serbia, as well as Montenegro.

The package contains 36 tablets.

Number and date of extended registration in the Ministry of Health database – 1124/2016 from August 17, 2016.

Composition 1 lozenge Daily dose children Daily dose adults 100 g
sage essential oil 0,82 mg 1,64 mg – 2,46 mg 3,28  mg – 4,92 mg 0,1 g
peppermint essential oil 0,82 mg 1,64 mg – 2,46 mg 3,28  mg – 4,92 mg 0,1 g
Nutritional value 1 lozenge 100 g
energy value 8,7 kJ (2,1 kcal) 1067 kJ (254 kcal)
carbohydrates 0,80 g 97,30 g
proteins 0,00 g 0,00 g
fats 0,02 g 2,10 g