Propolis C-100 tablets

propolis c 100

Propolis C-100 tablets

Change of seasons is an ideal time to catch a respiratory, or any other infection due to low immune function. Therefore, we should not wait for symptoms of cold and illness to appear, but think about the ways to prevent them, and to maintain health. A completely natural resinous substance, which is collected only by the selected worker bees, and whose beneficial effects have been used for thousands of years, can help us greatly. Maybe you have already guessed – it’s the bee propolis. Its use is becoming more common in the world, which is explained by the returning trend of treating illnesses with organic products derived from nature. Modern medicine has confirmed its antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties, making bee propolis an ideal ally in our fight to preserve good immune function.

What is Propolis C-100?

Propolis C-100 is a dietary supplement based on propolis extract of high biological value and vitamin C. They are carefully balanced in such a ratio, that contributes to the synergistic effect (ability to enhance the effect of one another), strengthening of the immune system, and the body’s resilience to colds and infections.

Propolis is a natural mixture of resinous substances, which is collected from different plant sources (buds, leaves, bark and sap) by honey bees (Apis mellifera), and mixed with beeswax and other secretions. Thanks to its antimicrobial activity, propolis protects the hive from bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Its healing effects were recognized long time ago by people, who have used it as a remedy since ancient times. It has recently regained its popularity as a natural product, which is used for therapeutic purposes, with the aim of improving health and prevention of various diseases.

Propolis C-100 is a unique product because it contains 35mg of propolis extract, derived from propolis collected on the territory of Homolje mountains. It is one of the ecologically most preserved landscapes of eastern Serbia, famous for its unspoiled nature.

Vitamin C, a well known antioxidant, plays an important role in Propolis C-100 tablets. It achieves synergistic effect in combination with propolis extract on our immune system.

Natural orange flavor is responsible for the pleasant flavor of the tablets, and it successfully masks the bitterness, making it acceptable even for small children.

When should we use Propolis C-100?

Propolis C-100 is used as a complement to a healthy diet, according to individual needs. It is especially recommended during change of seasons, when bacterial and viral infections are more common in population.

Propolis C-100 tablets are recommended for use:

  • during upper respiratory tract infections, caused by viruses or gram positive bacteria (Streptococcus sp., Staphylococcus sp.), as well as inflammation of the throat, tonsils and vocal cords
  • during oral infection caused by the herpes simplex virus
  • in the treatment of oral candidiasis
  • for aphta treating
  • in conditions of weakened immune system

To whom is Propolis C-100 recommended?

Propolis C-100 can be used by children older than 3 years, adults and the elderly. It is especially recommended for people prone to frequent infections of the upper respiratory tract, chronic patients and convalescents. Pregnant and lactating women should consult a physician before use. Diabetic patients are advised to use Propolis C-100 tablets without sugar.

How is Propolis C-100 used?

Adults:  1 – 3 tablets a day.

Children over 3 years:  1- 2 tablets a day.

Tablets should be slowly dissolved in mouth.
After dissolving, food and beverages should not be consumed for at least half an hour.

Propolis C-100 tablets have a double effect – they can be used shortly to relieve the unpleasant symptoms of oral cavity infections, or continuously for a longer period of time, to boost the immune system.

Where is Propolis C-100 available?

Propolis C-100 tablets are available in all better supplied pharmacies in Serbia, and Montenegro.

The package contains 24 tablets.

Number and date of extended registration in the Ministry of Health database – 1107/2016 from August 17, 2016.

Composition 1 tablet Daily dose adults Daily dose children 100 g
Propolis extract 3.5 : 1 35 mg up to 105 mg up to 70 mg 4,12 g
Vitamin C*(L-ascorbic acid) 100 mg do 300 mg do 200 mg 11,76 g

* Daily intake of vitamin C for adults is up to 375 % RDA**
** RDA – recommended dietary allowance

Nutritional value 1 tablet 100 g
energy value 12,2 kJ (2,9 kcal) 1442,3 kJ (343,4 kcal)
carbohydrates 0,83  g 98,34 g
proteins 0,00 g 0,01 g
fats 0,01 g 1,55 g

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