We often use the word “immunity” and phrases such as “strong immunity” or “weakened immunity” in everyday speech, but do we really understand what it actually means? The answer is, unfortunately, usually negative. Therefore, it is extremely important to be properly informed, and collect as many of trusted information on immunity, because knowledge conducts prevention of most diseases, and thus effectively protects your health, maintaining good general condition of the body.

What is immunity, then? Immunity is most easily defined as the body’s ability to resist and defend against viral, bacterial, fungal infections, various diseases and other forms of biological and chemical hazards (plant and animal poisons, toxines).

Science distinguishes two types of immunity – innate (natural, non-specific) and adaptive (acquired, specific) immunity.

Innate immunity is something that we are being born with, and it represents our natural barrier and first line of defense. It is present even before we get in contact with an antigen (a molecule that induces an immune response in the body) and reacts equally to different antigens, in a non-specific way.

Adaptive immunity, on the other hand, develops gradually during our life and reacts specific to every antigen. It also has the capacity to “remember” previous antigens and induce immune response many years after the first contact. The main components of the adaptive immune system are two types of lymphocytes (white blood cells) known as B cells and T cells. B lymphocytes cannot penetrate the infected cells, instead they produce antibodies that bind to various antigens, such as bacteria, and mark them for destruction by phagocytes and other specific immune system cells. T lymphocytes, however, have the ability to directly attack and destroy virally infected and cancerous cells, playing a central role in cell-mediated immunity.

It is more than obvious that the immune system has a demanding task to keep our bodies healthy and resistant, and in most cases it performs very well. However, in some particular situations 100% functioning is simply not possible, which leads to immune system disorders that can be manifested as:

  • autoimmune diseases (immune system attacks healthy cells by mistake)
  • immune deficiency diseases (inadequate immune response)
  • allergy (excessive immune response to antigens that are usually not harmful)

Therefore we have to work constantly on our immunity while we are healthy, not only when the illness strikes us. Great help on the way to stronger immunity, in addition to a well-balanced diet, is rational use of dietary supplements based on vitamins, or other substances with beneficial effects on immune system, such as bee propolis. One of our most effective products used for this purpose is Propolis C-100, which also exists in a sucrose-free form adapted for diabetics. The product is suited for the general population, including children, and can be used all year round, especially during the flu season, and frequent respiratory infections. It contains bee propolis of highest quality and high biological value, 100% collected in Serbia. It also contains vitamin C in addition to propolis, which makes a perfect combination of active ingredients, achieving maximum effect in the body. A large number of satisfied

“Propolis with the Bee” customers, especially among the youngest population, enabled a tradition of 21 years of existence.

Propolis C-100 tablets and Propolis C-100 without sugar tablets can be found in all well stocked pharmacies all over Serbia, as well as Montenegro.


Change of seasons is an ideal time to catch a respiratory, or any other infection due to low immune function. Therefore, we should not wait for symptoms of cold and illness to appear, but think about the ways to prevent them, and to maintain health. A completely natural resinous substance, which is collected only by the selected worker bees, and whose beneficial effects have been used for thousands of years, can help us greatly. Maybe you have already guessed – it’s the bee propolis.

propolis-c-100-bez-seceraPropolis C-100 without sugar is a dietary supplement based on propolis extract of high biological value and vitamin C, which contribute to normal function of the immune system. Propolis is a natural mixture of resinous substances, which is collected by honey bees (Apis mellifera) from different plant sources such as buds, leaves, and plant sap, and mixed with beeswax and other secretions. It is of great importance for bees, because it protects the hive from bacterial, viral and fungal infections, due to its antimicrobial activity.