How to resist the Slava temptations?


“Christened Slava” is one of the most important traditions of the Serbian people, which is now also approved by UNESCO, who have inscribed it last month in its Intangible Cultural Heritage List. It is an event that typically brings the whole family and closest friends together, giving them the rare opportunity to enjoy each other’s company in alienated world that we live in. Perhaps this is the main reason why people at Slavas tend to relax and treat themselves with more food and drinks than usual, which quickly reflects on their weight.
Resisting the charms of traditionally rich “Slava’s table” for many people is a real challenge. Hospitability of the Serbian hosts doesn’t make it any easier. They will not let you out of the apartment without trying virtually all specialties, from appetizers through “sarma”, to the inevitable dessert. The solution to this kind of “sweet” problems fortunately exists, and involves moderate eating and drinking.
Nutritionists’ advice is to pour the moderate amounts of food on a same plate, in order to get insight into what you have eaten. You should choose a few of your favourite dishes and avoid tasting the entire offer. It is desirable to eat slowly and adjust the amounts of food to the time of the day, by being more moderate at evening Slavas.
Another efficient and easy way to reduce calorie intake is to use a tabletop sweetener instead of sugar. Eko Farm has two products in its portfolio that are intended for this kind of use – Sweetener 150 and Sweetener 600. They contain a mixture of two artificial sweeteners – saccharin and cyclamate, combined in such a ratio, that one tablet equals the sweetness of one teaspoon of sugar. Their advantage lies in the fact that they are sweeter than sugar, but have significantly low nutritional value. In comparison, one teaspoon (about 5 g) of sugar has 20 kcal, while one tablet of Sweetener has only 0,08 kcal. They are recommended for diabetics, people on reduction diets, as well as everyone who care about their health and the good looks. The truth is we have to make small steps, if we want to achieve great goals. So, get your practical “pocket” package of Sweetener 150, or more economical “home” package of Sweetener 600 and forget about the sugar during holidays. The results will surely follow. Both products can be found in well stocked pharmacies.


Sweetener 150



Sweetener 600


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