"Remembering Duško Radović" race 2014


Traditional athletic race “Remembering Duško Radović” was successfully held on Saturday, November 29th, 2014 at Belgrade’s Ada Ciganlija, one more time. The whole event was organised by Athletic Club 21st of May and the Sports Assotiation of Rakovica and was broadcasted by the Studio B radio and TV station. Like every previous year, the race was held on November 29th, which is the birth date of our famous children’s writer, poet, journalist and aphorist Duško Radović, who genuinely loved Belgrade and used to wake up its residents with the cult Studio B’s radio show “Good morning, Belgrade”. Three age categories of professional athletes participated in the race, including seniors, juniors and pioneers, but it was also open for non-professional, amateur athletes and everyone who wanted to have fun and enjoy spending time with friends and family. Our famous athlete Saša Stolić ran the 7.7km long path around the Sava Lake in just 23min 16sec, which was the best time in senior men category. His sister, great Sonja Stolić, ran the best senior women category time (26min 26sec). All participants were generally very pleased with the weather conditions (sunny, no wind, above 10 degrees Celsius), which were considered as a real gift, since it was the end of November. After the race, the winners were awarded with trophies and medals and they received suitable gifts, such as books and magazines. Our company Eko Farm d.o.o. had the great honor to support this humane sporting event by donating our dietary supplements to the best athletes, especially to our favourite pioneers. We are looking forward to future participations in this and similar events and we are constantly remembering Duško’s words “Be a good man, goodness is great health”.