We were at Partizan’s WBC practice


Change of seasons is typically followed by frequent upper respiratory tract and other infections, due to the decreased immune response. If we add frequent excessive physical activity, which is often related to professional sport, minor illnesses such as the common cold and flu can get a chronic course, with potentially serious outcome. This may greatly affect the sports results and become a major issue for athletes. That is why we shouldn’t wait for the symptoms to become visible, and focus on prevention instead. In order to prevent infections, professional athletes are recommended to avoid excessive trainings, get the optimal amount of sleep and regular daily rest, eat a well-balanced diet, avoid rapid weight loss, get all necessary vaccines and keep stress to a minimum. In some cases, unfortunately, sticking to the mentioned guidelines simply isn’t enough to keep us away from infections, since we don’t live in sterile environment. However, adding dietary supplements based on vitamins and natural substances with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect to a healthy diet, can be beneficial to our immune system and protect us more thoroughly. Ekosept, Propolis C-100, Vitamin C-500 and Eko-C-Vit junior are dietary supplements from our product portfolio that are excellent choise for preventing and treating various respiratory tract infections. Therefore, we decided to donate these products to fantastic girls of the Women’s Basketball Club Partizan, that we recently visited on one of their practices, just bewore the match against Spartak Subotica, where they convincingly won a victory score of 81-64. During our visit we personally convinced ourselves in their great physical shape and teamwork, which had led them to play in Women’s Adriatic League (WABA), along with the Women’s Serbian League. We will continue to follow Partizan’s games and results in both leagues in the future and wish them good health and success in the further course of the competition.

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